How to cure Morning Sickness.

OKay so maybe not cure, exactly because that will be a short blog. Time my friends is the ultimate cure for morning, ahem all day, sickness. Seriously it will go away usually once the placenta starts functioning and definitely after you've had your baby. But in the meantime you probably feel like absolute shit and will do all sorts of crazy things to try and make yourself feel better. So here is a list of natural approaches that may help.

Symptom - can't eat anything because you cooked it or smelled it cooking. First of all how weird is this symptom? This is not the norm if you had a stomach bug or food poisoning it seems to exclusively live in the pregnancy realm. And it is hard to combat unless you decide to go raw. And if that works - more power to you. To combat this you may want to let close friends and family know that you are pregnant. Ask them for help in the form of nutritious prepared meals you can reheat in the oven where you are less likely to get a wide variety of cooking smells. The other thing is to ask your partner to help. They can do a big cook up on a week-end while you go out and once again you can reheat throughout the week. Seriously the best thing you can do to feed yourself and growing bubba is eat nutritious foods and if that means a month of two of reheated meals then do it. 


Symptom - Can only stomach simple, highly processed carbohydrates. Before you reach for the white bread think about what your body if telling you. You are hungry and you need energy quickly. It will burn through that energy quickly and you'll feel as bad or worse in an hour. This is a great message for your body and listening to it involves feeding yourself foods that are easy to digest (sorry to the raw food camp above unless you are going to eat pureed banana and avocado all the time you might need some cooked food). Having loads of healthy soups, stews and around will help with this. Timing is of the essence so make up smoothie bags in advance and have them ready to process the second you start to get hungry. Have small soup portions ready for reheating so you can eat them for morning or afternoon snacks. Same with stews. Start to think of the food you can eat as the food you want to eat all the time even if that means smaller portioned mains for snacks. Ultimately you fill yourself up more on the good stuff even if pureed to help it go down which will still take longer to digest helping you feel better for longer. If you do end up only eating white bread for two months then it's okay, better bread or crackers than nothing and you have six more months of pregnancy to feed that baby the best foods. 

Symptom - you get progressively worse as the day wears on. This is not surprising if the nausea is related to giving yourself enough calories or keeping your blood sugars steady. Eating small meals throughout the day will definitely help with this. Also topping up between meals with a peppermint or ginger tea will help as well. One thing you can do is look at your pregnancy multivitamin. They add iron into multivitamins and this may contribute to symptoms so you can check out other brands and see if a switch helps you feel better. If you want to do this switch today! It is worth a try. Your current multi will keep until you are feeling better in your second trimester and then you can take them again so there is no need for waste! The other thing you can do is take your vitamin at night. This way if it is contributing to symptoms it will happen while you sleep and then you'll feel better the next morning.   

Try orange foods. Seriously the nutrients in oranges, pumpkin, sweet potato, apricot, carrot, squash and anything orange can help with your nausea. What better excuse to indulge in a freshly squeezed orange juice and a delicious sweet potato gratin.  

Vitamin B6. Oddly this B vitamin isn't in pregnancy multivitamins but it had recently been linked to helping with morning sickness. Elevit make a Morning Sickness vitamin which is B6 and ginger. Ginger tea is one of the recommendations so it makes a nice little cocktail which could help. Or you could try to get through diet with avocado, banana, poultry some seeds and nuts. You know if can eat it! 

Rest. You may want to keep up your pre-pregnancy exercise regime and if it feels good - do it. It is great for you. If it makes you feel terrible you need to think about how you cut back by lessening duration, reducing weight changing from pilates to yoga. It will only be a few weeks until you are in your second trimester and feeling amazing and able to get your strength and fitness back up. It is time to mother yourself and listen to your body. Growing the placenta is one of the most tiring parts of pregnancy and if your body just needs to work on that it is okay. Pregnancy is a marathon not a sprint you can pace yourself. 

If you haven't already head on over and grab my free meditation for morning sickness. Have a listen to this and create some time for yourself.