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Speaking about the bump...

It’s not okay to comment on my body.


I am challenged in my torso length. What this means is I can’t buy dresses off the rack and if I am making a fitted dress I have to take 2 – 3 cm from the waist to get a proper fit. My legs are longer than average in proportion to my torso and that means I can break fashion rules like wearing an ankle strap with a knee length skirt. So you know, you win some you lose some. Ultimately it isn’t actually a big deal until I am pregnant.

Yes my belly is cartoonishly large. I can see that you don’t need to tell me.

Yes my belly is cartoonishly large. I can see that you don’t need to tell me.


My first pregnancy I wore flowing dresses that hid my bump or covered it up. So the comments about belly size were made only by my Dad. This time round I showed  this miracle off. I was growing a baby in there something I find amazing – I won’t let anyone forget it. The only problem with this from five months with increasing frequency I got comments like this ALL the time…


‘Are you sure you aren’t having twins’…

Er yeah I’m sure. I had appendicitis and needed a lot of extra scans. 8 in total and yeah there is definitely just one.


‘Is your due date right?’…

Yep. I miscarried in April and was tracking my period so I’m pretty damn sure of due date. Oh you feel that’s an awkward overshare well maybe you should think twice before you say something.


‘Wow you are really big’…

Actually my fundal height is tracking perfectly for how many weeks I am.


‘Gosh you’ve popped, again’…

No I’m not a champagne bottle I am growing a human.


Do you know why these comments are inappropriate? It assumes you as a stranger, work colleague or friend have a right to intimate knowledge of my body. FYI - You don’t.  And if you wouldn’t make a comment to a man then don’t make a comment to a woman at any stage of life. Her belly is her business and it comes with a lot of baggage. You don’t know someone’s fertility journey and as above you can see a question about due dates can bring up feelings about miscarriage, IVF, delayed conception for health reasons or any number of things. Did you want to upset someone while they are in a vulnerable position in life? Probably not I would imagine.


So the next time you see a baby bump rethink your comments. Try a generic ‘You look amazing’ or ‘What a beautiful bump’. If you’re a stranger - hold your tongue.


What I learned about kitting out a nursery second time around.

What I learned about kitting out a nursery second time around.

Bringing a tiny human into the world has made me rethink waste. So buying second hand and selling on means I’m keeping these things out of land fill and am doing one little thing to make their future a little brighter. I love my second nursery as much as the first decoratively but I also get a lot of satisfaction knowing how much I have learned this time round.

Men in the birthing suite

Men in the birthing suite

Our Foremothers fought to bring their lovers into the birth space as we moved from woman centered care to medical centered care. Birth is the final act in the ultimate show of love and we want our partners there to experience it with us.