Week one

The first week of the HypnoBirthing program is all about 'dehypnotising'. We bust through the myths surrounding birth with education and explore some of the reasons that women might fear child birth. This session usually goes for two hours and it is an amazing start to an empowering birthing journey! 

Week two

Our second class is one of the longest. It goes for about two and a half hours. We are talking about pre and post natal bonding. 
This is also a look at choosing your care provider. Different models of care. And the questions you can ask to ensure you have someone with the same birthing philosophies as you. .
I'm so passionate about how choosing the right care provider effects your birth. The right care provider will have you feeling empowered and delighted with your birth and the wrong provider can cause lasting damage.

week three

This week is all about preparing your mind and body for birthing. Another massive two and a half hour class. This one focuses on ultra deepening techniques to help you feel relaxed during surges and while breathing your baby down.
There is a lot of relaxation techniques in this class so you'll leave feeling relaxed and refreshed - if it's a night class I'll pop some prompts in for a beautiful nights sleep and for daytime lots of mental and physical energy.

week four

Sorry Mama - it's not all about you... Week 4 we focus on birth partners. The focus is on what your birth partner can do to help keep you relaxed during birth and to advocate for you so you don't have to while labouring.
We also learn some techniques your birth partner can help with during labour. You'll really be stocking up your tool kit this week with acupressure, massage, rebozo techniques and birth positions. 
While your birth partner is usually the person who got you pregnant we welcome all supporters for your birth in the class. So if a family member or friend is attending your birth please bring them along. If you have more than two I recommend a private session. 

week five

This is my favourite class. It can go for as little as hour or as long as two and half depending on the group. Content is birth positions, going over birth breathing and a confidence boosting hynosis session. 
But the thing that makes this class the best is my Mamas are feeling confident, inspired and excited for birth.