Strong Willed Mama

I read an article the other day about a woman who had discovered a magical way to make her internet buzzword child do exactly what she wanted. As I parent an internet buzzword the 'solution' was laughable - most of the 'Strong Willed Children' presented with her technique would have just said 'NO!'

I am currently parenting a three year old through one of the most difficult phases of his life and I am so over politically correct internet buzzwords for something that is essentially a child that is stubborn as fuck. They challenge you in every way - physically, mentally, emotionally and there is a good chance they aren't letting you get a decent sleep either. So if this sounds like you and you are so sick of internet buzz words you might just punch the next blogger in the face (you know not me but the other blogger) then let me give you some real advice on how to deal with it. 

1. Have wine or other preferred alcoholic beverage more readily available than chocolate. Some days you are just going to have to set up a messy play activity on the balcony and start drinking at 4 o'clockish because Daddy ain't coming home for another hour and half. Oh and when he does you can be damn straight he is cleaning that shit up. 

2. 'They' (you know those people that create internet buzz words) recommend no more than two hours screen time a day. Some days you are going to go all the way up to an hour and fifty nine minutes. 

3. Have a hobby that means you get time to yourself. It could be exercise, it could be craft as long as you can hide away in a room. It can be a book club (ideally just have a local book club that you can walk to and drink wine, like a daily one). Do this hobby as much as possible. 

4. Ask for help. Even if you don't want to say 'My child is a little shit right now and I can't even deal', just ask family or friends to babysit. Ask your friends to catch up with you during the day just to give yourself a break from the intense tantrum filled days at home. 

5. Whatever happens you will find a way out of this. You have all the skills you need if you can just get through the phases that come and go, your 'Strong Willed Child' will be an angel child again soon enough. And over time you may even let your fridge run out of wine. 

Most importantly Mama :