Routine Flash Cards

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Routine Flash Cards



*Make Bed 

*Watch TV - you can limit screen time by popping up this flash card at certain times of the day

*Brush teeth

*Get dressed 

*Toilet- A great reminder to pop up during the day while you are potty training

*Play Time - Structure your day so your toddler knows what to expect and when. A great reward for having their 'chores' done. 

*Bath Time 

*Meal Time 

*Bed Time

*Tidy Up - A great end of activity or day card to get your child in the habit of tidying up. 

*Swimming - For parents who do swimming lessons 


The file comes in a PDF format. Print as many or as few as you need. You can laminate thing for longevity. 

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These flashcards will help your child navigate their day in a more independent manner.

They can help you set up expectations for your child such as making beds and tidying up after themselves. 

They can be used to manage tantrums. Setting up the cards for each part of your day help your child understand what is coming next. Even if a child has a similar routine everyday the pressures of everyday life can build up into angry outbursts. Setting up the cards allows your child to have a visual representation of their upcoming tasks so they can complete them without outbursts and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Use the 'Play Time' and 'Watch TV' cards as reward cards. Pop these at the end of a series of tasks so your child can complete a task and turn a card down or stack it away. They get a sense of accomplishment and know they are working towards something. It can also cut out the whining asking for the same thing all day.