I am passionate about helping Mama's find their ultimate birthing experience. After a beautiful HypnoBirthing experience I was empowered and had stepped into my true self as a woman. I was shocked to hear after this that my friends did not have the same experience. The hospital systems had let them down, had not educated and encouraged them to take charge of their birth. I found my passion - to help and encourage women to take back their power. To have beautiful births that they feel are supported and most importantly to take away the trauma that I hear about over and over again. I realise that starts with education and if the hospitals and hospital staff are unable to provide it then birth mentors should. My role is to educate, empower and encourage women to a beautiful birthing experience in any environment and with any ideal. 


mama on a Mission

To empower women from all birth ideologies to reclaim their ideal birth through education and with loving support. 

What you can expect

  • Specialised birth training, including HypnoBirthing®
  • Ongoing support through phone, email and face to face appointments
  • Tools and techniques for birth that translate to your whole life
  • Small group sizes - no more than three couples per group HypnoBirthing® session
  • A program set out to maximise practice for your ideal birth
  • The confidence to ask for what you need from care providers
  • I'm not gunna lie - there will be some bump envy as I guide you into this beautiful time of your life.